July 3rd Picnic

We try to have a picnic every year on July 3rd. We plan it for the night the local hotel has their fireworks. Last year we were rained out. Not this year! We celebrated the 4th and Gracia’s first birthday. Chef Schoff cooked up the eats while the kids tested the yard toys and the big kids loved on my babies. Awesome friends, family, and fireworks! This year was the best picnic EVER! Can’t wait until next year.







Jonah is becoming such a big boy. I just don’t know where the time goes. Seems like yesterday that he was just a baby. He’s talking up a storm now, tho sometimes I don’t understand what he’s saying. His favorite thing to do is play in his kitchen. His specialty is pizza. Jonah also enjoys making eggs. I’ve watched him crack them open on the corner of his stove and drop them right into the pan. He’s very good at it and never drops a shell into his creations 😉

When these photos were taken, I had asked Jonah if he wanted to hold Ben. He immediately put his arms out. He climbed onto the chair and held Ben for the first time. He likes to try to make Ben laugh and he enjoys playing peek-a-boo with him.

Jonah didn’t like it when Gracia came home. He had a really hard time for a while.  I didn’t know what would happen when Ben came home. And I wasn’t looking forward to finding out how he would react. With both babies, Jonah went thru a honeymoon period. When he figured out that they were staying, that’s when things went downhill. Fortunately, that only lasted about a week with Ben. I think Jonah knows that he’s just a baby and he really does like him.

Mommy: Jonah, would you please pick that up for mommy?

Jonah: Yeah. (he picks it up, hands it to me.) tank you.

Mommy: Thank you, sweety.

Jonah: Tank you, sweety.

Mommy: Jonah, you’re such a good boy!

Jonah: Yeah!

This boy is as sweet as they come.  He fills my days with laughter.